McLaren 600LT: The Edge is Calling

What do you get when you mix a brand new supercar from a legendary manufacturer in with a legacy of action sports filmmaking? A whole lot of awesome is what!

Braving the 100+° desert heat, we had the incredible pleasure of shooting this kickass new launch video for the brand new McLaren 600LT. For this video, co-directed by our very own Jerry Dugan, we pulled out all the stops: 8K @REDDigitalCinema cameras, @freeflysystems MoVi, Alta drone, arm car, and yeah, we even had our good friends at @idoaerials bring down the ridiculously rad HuraCAM. That’s right, HuraCAM: a GSS stabilized camera system mounted to a freaking Lamborghini Huracan!

With a background and years of experience in cars, action sports, and downright sexy cinematography in both genres, this project was right up our alley.

@copterkids @nathangarofalos @idoareials

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